Resourcing Indigenous Lifeways in restoration of the sacred

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A 501c3 Unincorporated Association with Church status advancing Winnemem Wintu prayers for land acquisition for sacred and ecological restoration.

The Winnemem Wintu tribe formed this entity to hold land titles for sacred restoration and spiritually aligned economic development. The ways in which to do this are many and our reasons for doing this work are reflected in the environment. We strive to protect the sacred and advocate for the appropriate technologies that will allow us to prioritize this work in the most innovative ways.

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Winnemem Wintu

Sawalmem translates roughly to “sacred water” in the Winnemem Wintu language.

Our tribe received ceremonial guidance to focus specifically on salmon returns, hence, our first primary goal will be to support Chinook salmon restoration on the McCloud river in Northern California where they have been absent since the 1940s with the construction of the Shasta Dam.

The tribe’s spiritual, cultural & overall health depends on our relationship with the Chinook salmon and the McCloud river cosmology. Maintaining the ecosystem to the highest degree involves ceremonial ways of being in relationship to place. Place has power points and we are responsible for the maintenance of this relationship to sacred sites.

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Salmon Restoration

Our organization’s mission is to restore sacred water places in traditional Winnemem Wintu homelands.

In order to secure the lands for this effort, Sawalmem will be working to raise fiat as well as digital currencies through diverse pathways and use the accrued profit to purchase land titles and care for them under our 501 c3 unincorporated association with church status non profit.

This allows for tax exemption on the lands we hold title to where we will then work to restore the lands and waters back to full ecological functioning which will then aid in sacred site alignment and awakening.

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Mission & Vision

As the original inhabitants of these lands, upholding spiritual obligations is at the core of our mission & vision.

Our organization focuses on choosing the appropriate technologies considering the need to shift towards decentralized systems that will allow our tribe to thrive and uphold our sacred responsibilities. The proposed solutions revolve around our #LandBack campaign that prioritizes the restoration of our sacred mountain Buliyum Puuyuk (Mt. Shasta) and the Chinook salmon.

• Chinook Salmon Reintroduction

• Ecological Restoration in Mt. Shasta

• #LandBack Campaign & Fundraiser

• Roundhouse Ceremony Preservation

• Protection of Sacred Water Sites

• Sacred Site Unification (22 sacred sites)

• Land Titles & Blockchain Technology

• Salmon Journeys on the Metaverse

• Indigenous NFT Artistry

In an era characterized by irreversible climate change, mass extinction, and alarming rates of suicide & depression within native communities, we are using modern technologies such as Blockchain to address our most pressing challenges. 


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